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Reliable, Flexible and Mature In-Home Pet Care
Pauline Stieff
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Services We Offer

P.S. Goodnight provides overnight and vacation care in the comfort of your own home at reasonable rates in the Greater Seattle area.

Advantages to you:

  • A kennel or other unfamiliar surrounding can be stressful for your pet(s): they may be exposed to illnesses, and there may be skirmishes with other pets that require veterinary care
  • Having your pet at home is more convenient/flexible for you: no scheduling, dropping off, and picking up
  • One household sitting at a time – personalized attention for ONLY your pet(s)!
  • Peace of mind: You meet/know who’s going to be sitting your pet(s): no big firm sending out whomever, and if/ when /who will show up!
  • Your pet maintains their regular routine(s)
  • Your home stays “lived in” while you are gone
  • This is the reverse of a hotel; you pay Pauline an overnight rate to stay over and care for your pet. To quote a former client, "Pauline is the World's Greatest Houseguest!"

P.S. Goodnight primarily takes care of dogs and cats:

  • Owner, Pauline has over 20 years of experience and is trained in pet first aid and CPR
  • We provide food, medications, treats, walks, and play

Services, Packages and Pricing

Overnight care for your dog
Two meals and two walks, morning and evening. See the basic Package.
Care for cats and additional dogs
We can take care of all your furry friends, see below for more information.
Walks, exercise, and individual care
Your pets will get the care they deserve, and the attention they need.
Special meals, medications, and care
We are trained pet care specialists, let us know your pets special needs.

Each pet, owner, and situation is different.
The nightly rate is determined after an in-person meeting with you and your pet(s).
Payment is via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

$50-$70 Per Night
Overnight, direct care for 1 dog Typically starting between 5 and 7 pm through between 7 and 9 am the next day (ask about rates outside of those times) Two meals (evening and morning) Two walks and a potty break Medications to food (no Charge) Take in items, e.g. newspapers, mail, packages, water house/deck plants.
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$75-$95 Per Night
Everything under the "Basic" Package plus two add-ons.
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$95 + Per Night
Everything under the "Basic" Package plus four add-ons.
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The nightly rate is determined after an in-person meeting with you and your pet(s).

Add Ons

One additional dog One cat (in addition to a dog) Additional walk for up to 2 dogs Eye Drops and/or Wash Holiday Care Special Medications of first aid category care (e.g., insulin shots, subcutaneous fluids, syringe via mouth) Pill Administration by hand Other Transportation (i.e. Vet or Other Visits) Watering or Care of Plants other than a few indoor Plants
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Ask About Rates for:

Puppies and Kittens Unspayed or Unneutered Pets Bathing and Brushing Vet Visits Other Transportation (i.e. Vet or Other Visits) Dog Parks Any Household Duties not directly related to animal care Special Training Commands Lengthy Food Preparation/special diets/additional meals Key Fee for additional Meet and Greets and key pick-up and return if not done or arranged during the regular meetings.
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We Do Not Provide Care For:

Young dogs and puppies, as well as dogs or cats who have lived in isolation or those that are not well socialized, are prone stress, emotional turmoil or destructive habits when left with strangers.  Because of this, we require a meeting and evaluation before we accept new clients.

Other Things We Do Not Do:

Landscaping, mowing, gardening, planting, snow plowing, snow shoveling (except as needed for safe walking/driving in and out of your residence).

Other Fees Include:

One night's deposit for first time customers, applied toward charges if the job occurs. This will be refunded if cancelled within 5 days. If less than 5 days, the deposit is forfeited unless another client books the same dates.


Locations We Serve:
Pauline will sit for your pet(s) in the following areas. Ask about other locations.
  • North Seattle
  • North King County
  • Edmonds north to Everett
  • Snohomish to Lake Stevens
  • Bothell to Monroe
  • East Side: Kirkland, Bellevue & Redmond

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to reveal the answer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

I was volunteering for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and working with different service dogs in-training. After completing one year of training and assessment by national service dogs trainers, puppy raisers asked me to sit for their dogs while they were on vacation. I declined, because I lived in a no-animals building and I had a full-time job. “No,” they said,” you have it wrong: you stay in our house and you replicate our schedule. You go to work during the day and sit with our dogs during mornings and evenings.” That’s how P.S. Goodnight was born.

Some clients have dog walkers come during the day. Others they have doggie doors for their pet(s) to go in and out. Due to the nature of my non-pet care work, I often work at home (your home) a few days per week. Schedules can be discussed during our meet and greet.

That’s discussed during our interview.

P.S. Goodnight’s unique business model offers lower rates in exchange for flexibility in the sitting schedule. This is a win-win situation allowing for us to both spend more time with your pets and still have other work..

I have a basic pricing system but am flexible and charges are based on each owners'/pets' needs and my own schedule. For Example: Rates for one dog begin at $50 per night but are more on certain holidays. More dogs/pets and services (special meds) are more per night) However, I often to not charge for visits to the dog park or special hiking outings unless specifically requested by the owner. This is discussed in the meet and greet.

I trained service dogs for the blind and am trained in Pet First Aid. I have been an in-home pet sitter for more than 20 years.  I travel to the owners' homes and live with their pets providing meals, exercises, medications (if needed), love, security and peace of mind.   Since I only do overnight care, I am a housesitter as well as a pet sitter.

Text, or email me your interest (see form) Let us know what your needs are, including dates, and we respond to you about availability and next steps. Schedule a meeting with you and your pet(s) at your home and to review the particulars (maximum: one hour) Daily rate, particulars, and service period are established and, for new clients, one night’s deposit is collected for confirmation. Otherwise, you can be bumped..

• A clean, quiet place to sleep
• Guests and/or family aren’t staying there, too
• A decent Internet connection
• Safe, free off-street parking

• Pet(s) is/are up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies
• Dogs need to be housebroken and cats need to use the litter box (I don’t take outdoor cats)
• Dogs and cats should be trained and properly socialized (For dogs and some cats: not territorial, doesn’t pull on leash, doesn’t jump on people, not a counter-surfer, food stealer, bed hog)
• Knowledge if your pet(s) is/are spayed or neutered (if not, a different range of care is needed)
• Knowledge and information about pet(s) being microchipped
• For pets that go to public areas, proof of pet(s) license
• Emergency Contact information for Vets or other trusted people
• Food and medication care instructions

This is an overnight pet-sitting business: only those hours are guaranteed that I’ll be there. Other hours needed beyond that are open to discussion during our meeting.

First, I am vaccinated. I wear a mask in all meetings, practice social distancing, wash my hands regularly. I clean my car in-between animals. I leave your house as clean as I found it.

If requested and reasonable, yes.

For the safety of the animal(s) and for safe operation of the motor vehicle, dogs are secured in the back seat with a leash or, at the owner’s request, crated. I keep your pet(s) away from aggressive animals and maintain control/distance as needed.

• I correspond via email/text and then on the phone/zoom. 
• I require a minimum of one in-person meeting at your home with you and your pets.
• If dog walking is required, we will need to go on a sample walk at that time or in another visit before we begin care. 
• Food and medication schedules need to be reviewed and  demonstrated (if beyond the basic) before the trip.
• All animals need to be current on all registrations and shots.

Families, couples, single people, dogs of all sizes, cats, hamsters and fish.

A beautiful golden retriever who was a trained hiking dog (thanks to her owner) once saved my life on a muddy mountain trail where my hiking group was no where in sight.

Always check references and ask for details of their previous pet care practices.

You are hiring an experienced, trained professional not a neighbor, teen, relative or friend.  My competitive rates reflect my overnight care specialty which means that I will not be with your pet (s) 24/7 but will most likely be with them longer than those who have other pet clients.  I do often have other (writing) work which in non-COVID times may take me out of the home for a few weekdays (or parts thereof).  Otherwise, I am working at your home and am with your pets as much as possible.
• Do they have a reliable Internet connection?
• Do they have a safe place for the pet sitter to park their vehicle?
• Do they have a clean, comfortable area for the pet sitter to sleep?
• Do others (relatives, friends, housecleaners, gardeners, repair people) have keys/access to the home?


What People Say About Pauline

Our customers and their pets appreciate the special care and attention from Pauline.

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About Pauline Stieff

Owner Pauline Stieff will give your best friend(s) the attention they need in your absence!!! Her related experience:
  • Pet sitter since 2003
  • Extensive client-base in the Boston area before moving to Western Washington in late 2011
  • Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR
  • One year of training as a service dog puppy handler/raiser plus additional years with Service dogs, from Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  • One year of training at NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dogs, Dogs for Deaf, and Deaf and Disabled Americans, Canines for Combat Veterans. 
  • Coursework at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, e.g. pet massage, wound care, post-operative care, medication administration.

Pauline and Some of Her Friends